TOC: Intl J Market Res


International Journal of Market Research, 58(2)

Peter Mouncey

Viewpoint: Developing research skills in emerging economies – a dilemma
Phyllis Macfarlane

Forum: True lies and true implicit: how priming reveals the hidden truth
David Penn

Using Greimas’ semiotics in ethnic consumer research
Virginie Silhouette-Dercourt and Christel de Lassus

Capturing consumption emotions in service encounters: why immediacy matters when studying service-related emotions
Louise Maguire

The economic worth of product placement in prime-time television shows
Genevieve Begy and Vishal Talwar

Cultural influence on the adoption of social networking sites
Maria-del-Carmen Alarcon-del-Amo, Carlota Lorenzo-Romero and Miguel-Angel Gomez-Borja

Cultural embeddedness of products: a new measurement of culture and its effects
Alexander Jakubanecs and Magne Supphellen

Conference notes: ‘To game or not to game: an investigation of the impact of survey visualisation and gamification’, MRS ‘Methodology in context’, 26 November 2015
Chrissie Wells

Book review: Douglas T. Kenrick and Vladas Griskevicius, The rational animal: how evolution made us smarter than we think

Book review: Mike Savage, Social class in the 21st century