Revisit: Service Management and Science Forum


Melbourne, dates changed to 8-10 Jul 2016

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The 11th Annual Meeting of the

Service Management and Science Forum

July 8-10, 2016 (Note: These have been changed)

Swinburne University of Technology

Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA



Managing Service in the Era of Social Media and the Role of Business Analytics

Meeting Announcement

The Service Management and Science Forum is a transdisciplinary meeting involving academics and practitioners from all disciplines and organizations that focus on service delivery processes and the service systems that support them. The conference has attracted a number of established researchers across operations, marketing, information technology, design, engineering, and human resource management from higher education institutions and businesses.

The explosion in the use of social media by individuals and organizations provides opportunities for service scientists to examine the role that social media potentially might have in the delivery of quality service. Recently, Aral, Dellarocas & Godes (2013, p. 9) have noted:

There is, currently, little understanding with respect to the best ways in which companies should organize and manage social media. There is no consensus with respect to how responsibility for social media should be allocated within organizations, how social media activities should be funded and governed, what should be outsourced, and what broader changes with regard to an organization’s structures, processes, leadership, training, and culture are needed to harness the potential of the transformative force. There is no established path of activities that lead a company down the path of “social readiness,” and there are no widely accepted industry-specific best practices.

Together with social media data, Big Data and technology are dramatically changing customer service expectations and customer service experiences.  One of the major fuels of this change is the emerging field of business analytics. Business analytics provides the tools to predict, report, and enhance the customer service experience.

This conference therefore encourages submissions that focus not only on the management of services in the era of social media but also business analytics, and especially submissions that are at the intersection of the two.

Additional information about the Forum is available on the Forum’s website:

Keynote Speakers: To Be Determined

Information for Contributors:

Individuals from academia, business and government are invited to submit refereed research papers, non-refereed research abstracts, and proposals for workshops, panels, and symposia. All submissions should have a clear focus on service management and are encouraged to be transdisciplinary in nature; that is, they should involve more than a single traditional discipline. Submissions consistent with the theme of social media in service management are particularly encouraged, but any topic appropriate to service management and/or service science will be welcome.

Submission Deadlines:

The submission deadline for refereed research papers is March 2, 2016. The submission deadline for non-refereed research abstracts and proposals is March 15, 2016.


Additional details about the 2016 Forum will be forthcoming. In the interim, please mark the dates on your calendar and for more information please contact:

Special Issue of Service Science:

There will be a special issue of Service Science with the same focus as this Forum, and will have the title “Managing Service in the Era of Social Media and the Role of Business Analytics.” Selected refereed papers submitted to the 2016 Service Management and Science Forum will be invited to be submitted for this special issue. The deadline for this special issue will be October, 2016.

Program Co-Chairs:

Michael Dixon

Ivey Business School – Western University

London, Ontario, N6G 0N1 Canada



Ronald Klimberg

St. Joseph’s University

Philadelphia, PA 19131 USA


General Chair:

Mark M. Davis

Bentley University

Waltham, MA 02452 USA



Local Arrangements Chair:

Lester W. Johnson

Swinburne Business School

Swinburne University of Technology

Hawthorn, VIC 3122 Australia


Doctoral Student Consortium Coordinator:

Christoph Breidbach

University of Melbourne

Melbourne, VIC 3010 Australia