TOC: J Global Mar


Journal of Global Marketing, 29(1)

International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Cross-national and Cross-regional Research
Ajay K. Manrai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Original Articles

Regional Competition in the International Market for Services: A Shift-Share Analysis
Philemon Oyewole BSc, MBA, MPhil, PhD [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Accent, Differentiation, and Stigmatization on Spokesperson Credibility in Radio Advertising
Eva Reinares-Lara, Josefa D. Martín-Santana & Clara Muela-Molina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is the Economic Crisis Changing Marketing Strategies? Evidence from the Food Industry
Cristina Calvo-Porral, John Leighton Stanton & Jean-Pierre Lévy-Mangin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Shopping Styles and Online Shopping: An Empirical Study of Indian Consumers
Arpita Khare [Publisher] [Google Scholar]