TOC: J Con Affairs


Journal of Consumer Affairs, 50(1)

Consume Less and Be Happy? Consume Less to Be Happy! An Introduction to the Special Issue on Anti-Consumption and Consumer Well-Being
Stefan Hoffmann and Michael S. W. Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Anti-consumption, Materialism, and Consumer Well-being
Michael S. W. Lee and Christie Seo Youn Ahn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attitude toward Consumption and Subjective Well-Being
Rajesh Iyer and James A. Muncy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Sustainability Roots of Anticonsumption Lifestyles and Initial Insights Regarding Their Effects on Consumers’ Well-Being
Barbara Seegebarth, Mathias Peyer, Ingo Balderjahn and Klaus-Peter Wiedmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Material Presence and the Detox Delusion: Insights from Social Nudism
Hélène Cherrier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do I Fear Death? The Effects of Mortality Salience on Anti-Consumption Lifestyles
Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno and Michel Laroche [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Quantifying Anti-Consumption of Private Labels and National Brands: Impacts of Poor Test Ratings on Consumer Purchases
Rainer Olbrich, Hans Christian Jansen and Benedikt Teller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand Iconicity vs. Anti-Consumption Well-Being Concerns: The Nutella Palm Oil Conflict
Bernard Cova and Simona D’Antone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Boycott Behavior: An Exploratory Analysis of Twitter Feeds
Suzanne C. Makarem and Haeran Jae [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rhetorical Analysis of Resistance to Environmentalism As Enactment of Morality Play between Social and Ecological Well-Being
Clinton Amos, Nancy Spears and Iryna Pentina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]