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Contextualizing Strategic Management in Asia: Institutions, Innovation and Internationalization; Hong Kong, 10-12 Dec 2016; Deadline 12 May

 Call for Proposals

Contextualizing Strategic Management in Asia:  Institutions, Innovation and Internationalization 


       Program Chairs

JT Li                                                                Kevin Zhou                           Gongming Qian
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology       University of Hong Kong    Chinese University of Hong Kong


The University of Hong Kong | The  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Since the 2008 financial crisis, the Asian economies have been an engine of global economic growth.  Accordingly, Asia has become a central topic in global business and strategic management, and has attracted both abundant attention and substantial investment from global firms.

However, the rise of Asia comes together with major challenges, especially in terms of massive transformation in its fundamental economic, social, political, and legal institutions. The recent anti-corruption campaign in China, for example, has profoundly shaped the ways of doing business there. The change of leadership in India has also created new ways of thinking and the development of new business models. How, then, can companies most effectively address the challenges brought by such changes? At the same time, there has been uneven development among the countries of the Asian region, as evidenced by various data on economic growth and social conditions. Companies from inside and outside the region have been closely following these developments and constantly exploring and developing location-specific advantages associated with their firm-specific assets.

What innovation models are particularly effective in Asian societies? What are the unique challenges of internationalization facing emerging market firms? What are the globalization paths they commonly follow? Given the unequal economic development and rising concerns about environmental and social issues in Asia, how should local and multinational companies approach corporate social responsibility and sustainable development?

Given these important questions and substantial challenges, we have developed the 3-Is (Institutions, Innovation, and Internationalization) as the theme for this special conference and call for contextualizing strategic management research and practice in Asia. Scholars will explore the limits of trying to apply existing theoretical perspectives in Asia, develop Asia-specific management theory and propose new theories tailored for Asian contexts. The emerging mixed ownership structures enable scholars to explore the potential of cooperation between public and private actors with differing social and economic interests. How can the public sector learn from the private sector through such cooperation, and vice versa? And what are the strategic choices and their performance implications for mixed-ownership enterprises?

As Asian governments have been striving to upgrade the industrial structure of their economies they have often called for organizations to cultivate innovation capability. Different paths to this goal have emerged. Some Asian firms have proved capable of developing an ability to innovate faster and more efficiently than their western counterparts. What are the impacts of national context on a firm’s chances of developing a distinctive innovation capability? How do government policies facilitate or hinder a firm’s efforts in this area? The Conference Program Chairs and Track Directors will welcome submissions in the following theme tracks:

Track A: Institutions: Institutional Transformation and Implications for Strategy and Corporate Governance

Track B: Institutions: Non-market-based Strategies and Institutional Voids

Track C: Innovation: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

Track D: Innovation: New Business Models and Strategies in the Digital Economy

Track E: Internationalization: Global Strategies for Emerging Market and Developed Economy Firms

Track F: Internationalization: Regional Economic Imbalances, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability




                              May 12, 2016                   Submission Deadline for Proposals

                              May 19, 2015                   Co-Author Confirmation Deadline

                         Early July, 2016                   Notification of Program Review Committee Decisions


                     Mid-October, 2016                   Conference Program Available Online


                December 10-12, 2016                  SMS Special Conference in Hong Kong



Proposals (5-7 pages, for paper and panel sessions)

relating to the conference theme are invited.

Only original, unpublished work is sought.

Deadline for Submission of Proposals: May 12, 2016


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