TOC: Psych Rev


Psychological Review, 123(2)

"Perception of the speech code" revisited: Speech is alphabetic after all.
Fowler, Carol A.; Shankweiler, Donald; Studdert-Kennedy, Michael [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scale (in)variance in a unified diffusion model of decision making and timing.
Simen, Patrick; Vlasov, Ksenia; Papadakis, Samantha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Believing what we do not believe: Acquiescence to superstitious beliefs and other powerful intuitions.
Risen, Jane L. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Factoring out nondecision time in choice reaction time data: Theory and implications.
Verdonck, Stijn; Tuerlinckx, Francis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Flexible goal attribution in early mindreading.
Michael, John; Christensen, Wayne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is goal ascription possible in minimal mindreading?
Butterfill, Stephen A.; Apperly, Ian A. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]