TOC: J Exp Psych Gen


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145(3)

From outgroups to allied forces: Effect of intergroup cooperation in violent and nonviolent video games on boosting favorable outgroup attitudes.
Adachi, Paul J. C.; Hodson, Gordon; Willoughby, Teena; Blank, Carolyn; Ha, Alexandra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

"Relations between perceptual and conceptual scope: How global versus local processing fits a focus on similarity versus dissimilarity": Retraction of Förster (2009).
No authorship indicated [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Curiosity and reward: Valence predicts choice and information prediction errors enhance learning.
Marvin, Caroline B.; Shohamy, Daphna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

"Local and global cross-modal influences between vision and hearing, tasting, smelling, or touching": Retraction of Förster (2011).
No authorship indicated [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Self-esteem modulates amygdala-ventrolateral prefrontal cortex connectivity in response to mortality threats.
Yanagisawa, Kuniaki; Abe, Nobuhito; Kashima, Emiko S.; Nomura, Michio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploratory decision-making as a function of lifelong experience, not cognitive decline.
Blanco, Nathaniel J.; Love, Bradley C.; Ramscar, Michael; Otto, A. Ross; Smayda, Kirsten; Maddox, W. Todd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Handwriting generates variable visual output to facilitate symbol learning.
Li, Julia X.; James, Karin H. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Eye movements reveal fast, voice-specific priming.
Papesh, Megan H.; Goldinger, Stephen D.; Hout, Michael C. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Eager feelings and vigilant reasons: Regulatory focus differences in judging moral wrongs.
Cornwell, James F. M.; Higgins, E. Tory [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived control alters the effect of acute stress on persistence.
Bhanji, Jamil P.; Kim, Eunbin S.; Delgado, Mauricio R. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purity homophily in social networks.
Dehghani, Morteza; Johnson, Kate; Hoover, Joe; Sagi, Eyal; Garten, Justin; Parmar, Niki Jitendra; Vaisey, Stephen; Iliev, Rumen; Graham, Jesse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Caveats for the spatial arrangement method: Comment on Hout, Goldinger, and Ferguson (2013).
Verheyen, Steven; Voorspoels, Wouter; Vanpaemel, Wolf; Storms, Gert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

SpAM is convenient but also satisfying: Reply to Verheyen et al. (2016).
Hout, Michael C.; Goldinger, Stephen D. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]