TOC: Corp Rep Rev


Corporate Reputation Review, 19(1)

Containing Cause-Related Marketing Skepticism: A Comparison across Donation Frame Types
Pavlos A Vlachos, Christos D Koritos, Areti Krepapa, Konstantinos Tasoulis and Ioannis G Theodorakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Standing Out or Blending In? The Formation of New Firms’ Legitimacy and Reputation under Different Levels of Market Uncertainty
Antoaneta P Petkova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Good Reputation: Protection against Shareholder Activism
Christian Pieter Hoffmann, Peggy Simcic Bronn and Christian Fieseler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Typical Tools for Assessment of Communicative Performance
Josef Pallas and Emma Svensson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Applying an Attribution-Based View of Reputation to Examine Firm Responses to Government Product Ratings
David Eduardo Cavazos, Matthew A Rutherford and Karen Patterson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Innovation and Customer Performance of Telecommunication Service Provider: A Study on Mediation Effect of Corporate Reputation
Palanisamy Ganesan and Manohar Sridhar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]