TOC: J Acad Mar Sci


Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 44(2)

Investigations of sales representatives’ valuation of options
Leff Bonney, Christopher R. Plouffe & Michael Brady

Do customized service packages impede value capture in industrial markets?
Michael Steiner, Andreas Eggert, Wolfgang Ulaga & Klaus Backhaus

Open innovation, product portfolio innovativeness and firm performance: the dual role of new product development capabilities
Gaia Rubera, Deepa Chandrasekaran & Andrea Ordanini

Understanding and resolving major contractual breaches in buyer–seller relationships: a grounded theory approach
Jeff S. Johnson & Ravipreet S. Sohi

Does relationship marketing matter in online retailing? A meta-analytic approach
Varsha Verma, Dheeraj Sharma & Jagdish Sheth

Customer win-back: the role of attributions and perceptions in customers’ willingness to return
Doreén Pick, Jacquelyn S. Thomas, Sebastian Tillmanns & Manfred Krafft

Overbidding in electronic auctions: factors influencing the propensity to overbid and the magnitude of overbidding
Cong Feng, Scott Fay & K. Sivakumar

Brand architecture strategy and firm value: how leveraging, separating, and distancing the corporate brand affects risk and returns
Liwu Hsu, Susan Fournier & Shuba Srinivasan