TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 19(1)

Lossed in translation: an off-the-shelf method to recover probabilistic beliefs from loss-averse agents
Theo Offerman & Asa B. Palley

Complexity and biases
Kenan Kalayci & Marta Serra-Garcia

Directed search with heterogeneous firms: an experimental study
Andrew Kloosterman

Individual characteristics and behavior in repeated games: an experimental study
Douglas Davis, Asen Ivanov & Oleg Korenok

Trust and reciprocity: extensions and robustness of triadic design
Giovanni Di Bartolomeo & Stefano Papa

Preference submission timing in school choice matching: testing fairness and efficiency in the laboratory
Jaimie W. Lien, Jie Zheng & Xiaohan Zhong

Past experience of uncertainty affects risk aversion
Friederike Mengel, Elias Tsakas & Alexander Vostroknutov

An eye-tracking study of feature-based choice in one-shot games
Giovanna Devetag, Sibilla Di Guida & Luca Polonio

Overcoming coordination failure using a mechanism based on gradualism and endogeneity
Yoshio Kamijo, Hiroki Ozono & Kazumi Shimizu

Under- versus overconfidence: an experiment on how others perceive a biased self-assessment
Carmen Thoma

On the interpretation of bribery in a laboratory corruption game: moral frames and social norms
Ritwik Banerjee