Music, Culture, and Heritage


Special Issue of Arts and the Market; Deadline 1 May 2016

Call for papers: Arts and the Market, Special Issue on “Music, culture, and heritage” Deadline May 1,2016

A principle aim of Arts and the Market is to take a broad view of the arts and creative industries and the disciplinary perspectives that inform the field. In line with this vision, this Special Issue focuses on music, culture, and heritage as an innovative lens by which to encourage creativity in the development of marketing theory and practice. Music, culture, and heritage are symbolically embedded throughout the market, as well as within consumer lives and ritualistic practice, thus this special issue invites consideration of music, culture, and heritage as a discursive site of human action and social interaction. As recognized by Arts and the Market, the complex and evolving social action surrounding markets, music, culture, and heritage are generating innovative, unconventional, and radical shifts in the way the market operates, the way music is presented to the market and consumed within, along with the associated cultural heritage and consumption thereof. By considering music, culture, and heritage in a nonconventional, nonconformist manner, the goal is to generate innovative, radical, and even heretical schools of thought in arts marketing research.

Papers of no more than 10,000 words (excluding references) should be submitted by May 1st 2016.

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