Communication Tools for Modern Retailers


Contemporary Marketing Strategies, Special issue of Case Studies in Strategic Communication; Deadline 31 May 2016

Case Studies in Strategic Communication (CSSC) Special Issue Call for Papers – Contemporary Marketing Strategies as Communication Tools for Modern Retailers

Deadline for submissions May 31 2016

  • Guest editor: Henry Ho, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI, USA
  • Guest editor: Timothy Brotherton, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI, USA

Retailing is a large, diverse and dynamic sector for many countries in the modern world. Today’s retail marketers compete more vigorously than ever to attract customers in choosing products or services they offer. They have created marketing plans, sought advice from external consultants, and developed metrics and strategic plans which hope to better retain their existing customers while increasing market share. Retail marketers understand that marketing is in fact a form of communication. However, there are several critical questions that challenge the retail marketers in this contemporary world such as who to target, how to do so, when is the perfect time and where is the right place that must be answered in order to achieve competitive advantage in this turbulent market.

The major aim of this special section is to provide a unique focus on the effective use of contemporary marketing strategies as communication tools for today’s retail marketers (both bricks and clicks) in reaching customers successfully in the competitive environment. It is clear that retail marketing has changed significantly in the past few decades across the regions. This special section embraces new shifts and trends within the retail industry in this turbulent market and takes readers on an exploration of marketing with unprecedented vitality and energy.

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