An African Emphasis


Marketing Management Perspectives and Project Based Economic and Social Development; Chapter abstracts due mid-Feb 2016

Call for Contributions

Dear colleagues, academics, and researchers:

We are preparing to compile a publication focusing on aspects of marketing management and project based managerial activities in the current African context. The overall objective is to outline and illustrate how two approaches could be used to stimulate economic and social development by using the Internet as a base for various forms of telecommunication activities that enable development of consumer markets for product and services. The recent economic, social and technological expansions in a number of African countries include innovations such as generation of wind and solar power, which contributes to development of small enterprise; introduction of environmentally sensitive and energy efficient cooking devices; or availability of on demand twenty-four hour healthcare services. These developments are, in a number of ways, closely aligned with the uses of mobile telephones and the Internet.

The proposed publication consists of four parts. Each part examines different aspects of contemporary marketing, managerial practices, and entrepreneurial activities central to recent economic, social, and technological expansions in a number of African countries. More specifically, the proposed publication introduces four unique approaches, corresponding to the four parts of the proposed publication, as means to innovative economic and social development: (1) creative stage of human capital; (2) entrepreneurial and enterprise marketing management efforts; (3) consumption behavior of consumers and formation of market segments, and (4) economic, social, and environmental benefits resulting from project based marketing management efforts leading to incremental increases in personal and socio-economic values.

Title: Marketing Management Perspectives and Project Based Economic and Social Development: An African Emphasis

Suggested focus of contributions:

Part I: Stages of creative human capital
1. Inductive or deductive sources of potential market value
2. State of nature (deductive process)
3. View of the world (inductive process)
4. Value creating activities—market contributions
5. Scientific feasibility
6. Entrepreneurial skills
7. Empirical verification
8. Support material

Part II: Entrepreneurial and enterprise marketing management efforts
1. Dispersing value created products and/or services
2. Enterprise level action
3. Technological feasibility
4. Marketing techniques
5. Environmental and market conditions
6. Economic feasibility
7. Social awareness
8. Technological ability
9. Support material

Part III: Consumption behavior of consumers and formation of market segments
1. Consumption of value creating products and/or services
2. Personal life styles (consumption)
3. Collective social and economic behavior (markets)
4. Individual post consumption processes
5. Individual post consumption behavior
6. Collective post consumption behavior
7. Technological values
8. Social values
9. Economic values
10. Support material

Part IV: Economic and social benefits
1. Incremental increases in personal and social values
2. Support material

Contributors are asked to select any topic or a combination of topics listed in an individual part of the content of the publication. Contributors are asked not to combine topics from individual parts. The topic ‘Support Material’ refers to studies, research cases, or results of recent observation or participatory studies.

Content and format of contributions:

Contributions are requested from individuals who are familiar with and have had direct experiences with the topics listed above through their own research or consulting activities. More specifically, the contributions may be reports on theoretical, conceptual, or empirical research, research case studies, or reflections of senior academics on any of the above topics related to the application of telecommunication technology to economic and social development ongoing in Africa.

Manuscripts should be submitted in Word using Times New Roman with font 12. The documents should be double spaced with standard margins (for 8.5” x 11” paper size margins should be 1 inch), under thirty (30) pages in length including any references, tables, diagrams, or any addenda. The abstract should be less than one thousand (1,000) words in length. The submitted manuscript will be double-blind reviewed. Language adjustments, editing, and revisions are responsibilities of the authors and should be made before the manuscripts are submitted.

All manuscripts should be submitted to Professor Steven W. Anderson at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater .

Abstracts and intentions to submit a manuscript are due by mid February 2016. Manuscripts are due for reviews by July 15, 2016 and final manuscripts by October 15, 2016. For additional information or questions please contact Steven W. Anderson or George Tesar


George Tesar, Professor Emeritus, Umeå University (Sweden) and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Steven W. Anderson, Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Hassimi Traore, Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Jens, Graff, Academic Advisor, Denmark