TOC: J Adv


Journal of Advertising, 45(1)

Reinquiries in Advertising Research
Martin Eisend, George R. Franke & James H. Leigh [Publisher]

‘Someone Should Do Something’: Replication and an Agenda for Collective Action
Gayle Kerr, Don E. Schultz & Ian Lings [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Researchers Respond to Replication Requests Revisited
Avery M. Abernethy & Astrid L. Keel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Redressing the Sleeper Effect: Evidence for the Favorable Persuasive Impact of Discounting Information Over Time in a Contemporary Advertising Context
Adrienne E. Foos, Kathleen Keeling & Debbie Keeling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reinvestigating the Endorser by Product Matchup Hypothesis in Advertising
Scott A. Wright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding Graphic Pictorial Warnings in Advertising: A Replication and Extension
Cassandra Davis & Scot Burton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Language Choice in Advertising for Multinational Corporations and Local Firms: A Reinquiry Focusing on Monolinguals
Ying-Ching Lin & Kai-Yu Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Music in Advertising: Three Experiments Replicating Single-Exposure Musical Conditioning of Consumer Choice (Gorn 1982) in an Individual Setting
Ivar Vermeulen & Camiel J. Beukeboom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward an Understanding of Causality Between Advertising and Sales: New Evidence from a Multivariate Cointegrated System
Mahmoud A. Darrat, Gary B. Wilcox, Venessa Funches & Mohamad A. Darrat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Program–Ad Matching and Television Ad Effectiveness:A Reinquiry Using Facial Tracking Software
Steven Bellman, Brooke Wooley & Duane Varan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Looking Beyond First-Person Effects (FPEs) in the Influence of Scarcity Appeals in Advertising: A Replication and Extension of Eisend (2008)
Piyush Sharma & Rajat Roy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Your Product Really Green? A Content Analysis to Reassess Green Advertising
Sigal Segev, Juliana Fernandes & Cheng Hong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

African American Consumers’ Evaluations of Ethnically Primed Advertisements
Miguel A. Zúñiga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creative That Sells: How Advertising Execution Affects Sales
Nicole Hartnett, Rachel Kennedy, Byron Sharp & Luke Greenacre [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Product-Plot Integration and Cognitive Load Affect Brand Attitude: A Replication
Felipe Pantoja, Patricia Rossi & Adilson Borges [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reinquiry into Advertising Avoidance on the Internet: A Conceptual Replication and Extension
Zahra Seyedghorban, Hossein Tahernejad & Margaret Jekanyika Matanda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand Image Congruence Through Sponsorship of Sporting Events: A Reinquiry of Gwinner and Eaton (1999)
Eunseon (Penny) Kwon, S. Ratneshwar & Eunjin (Anna) Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Advertising Budgeting: A Reinvestigation of the Evidence on Brand Size and Spend
Nick Danenberg, Rachel Kennedy, Virginia Beal & Byron Sharp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Marketing Clients Really Get the Advertising They Deserve? The Trade-Off Between Strategy and Originality in Australian and New Zealand Agencies
Huw O’Connor, Scott Koslow, Mark Kilgour & Sheila L. Sasser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]