The Dark Side of Marketing


Special issue of Journal of Marketing Management; Deadline 1 Dec 2016

Journal of Marketing Management Special Issue Call for Papers – The Dark Side of Marketing

Deadline for submissions 1 December 2016

Guest Editor: Kate L. Daunt, Cardiff University, UK
Guest Editor: Dominique A. Greer, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

The past decade has witnessed an explosion of academic and practitioner interest in the dark side of marketing. Unwanted, undesirable and often illegitimate facets of exchange have been explored and the emergence of savvy marketing actors has been documented. Although the Journal of Marketing Management has a rich history of contributing to this burgeoning research field, the early research on the dark side of marketing remains varied and somewhat disjointed. This is evident in the wealth of labels that are used to describe the unwanted and undesirable behaviours of marketing actors, which include unethical, aberrant, dysfunctional, illegitimate, and problematic behaviour (Daunt & Harris, 2012; Fisk et al., 2010; Fullerton & Punj, 2004). A small number of studies have drawn links between the misbehaviours of consumers and employees (e.g., Daunt & Harris, 2014), but extant research overwhelmingly examines the dark side of employee and consumer behaviour independently. In these studies, researchers investigate forms of misbehaviour ranging from incidences that take place within organisations to broader societal grievances (Greer, 2015; Sharma & Chan, 2011; Walsh, 2009; Wallace and de Chernatony, 2007). The motivations for such behaviour in marketing contexts encompass individual, situational and broader societal and cultural factors (Daunt & Greer, 2015; Hackley & Hackley, 2015; Harris & Ogbonna, 2006; Lawrence & Robinson, 2007), while individuals’ ability to cognitively neutralise transgressions is also key (Gregory-Smith, Smith & Winklhofer, 2013; Harris & Daunt, 2011) …

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