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The Question of 'Alternatives' within Food and Drink Markets and Marketing, Special issue of Journal of Marketing Management; Deadline 31 May 2016

Journal of Marketing Management Special Issue Call for Papers – The Question of ‘Alternatives’ within Food and Drink Markets and Marketing

Deadline for submissions 31 May 2016.

Guest editor: Jennifer Smith Maguire, University of Leicester, UK
Guest editor: David Watson, University of Essex, UK
Guest editor: John T. Lang, Occidental College, USA

Food and drink markets are situated at the intersection of the global and local, the economic and cultural, the political and passionate. Examples such as Slow Food, CSA schemes, foraging, food swaps, biodynamic production and Fair Trade certification call our attention to deficiencies within current market practices, and potentialities for future market relations. The pursuit of alternative market formations and relations is intertwined with desires for authenticity and identity in a global marketplace otherwise crowded with homogeneous, standardized offerings and instrumental modes of exchange. At the same time, the proliferation of alternatives is linked to concerns about food-related security and safety, environmental degradation and social injustice.

Alternative food and drink markets offer fertile ground for exploring questions concerning alternatives in markets and marketing, and bring to the fore pressing issues for marketing theory and practice relating to ethics, sustainability and social justice. The Journal of Marketing Management has been central to bringing critical attention to these issues, with key articles that have mapped the field of ethical/green marketing (McDonagh & Prothero, 2014; Prothero, 1998; Tadajewski & Jones, 2012; Special Issue 14(6), 1998; Special Issue 28(3/4), 2012), explored the ethical dynamics of consumer behaviour (Gregory-Smith, Smith & Winklhofer, 2013; Hoek, Roling & Holdsworth, 2013) and extended our understanding of consumer perceptions of organic and sustainable food (Gad Mohsen & Dacko, 2013; Krystallis et al., 2012; McEachern et al., 2010; Thøgersen & Zhou, 2012), and enhanced our appreciation of the marketing challenge of framing sustainable alternatives as ‘normal’ (Rettie, Burchell & Riley, 2012). However, specific attention to alternative food networks has flourished largely outside the marketing field (Forssell & Lankoski, 2015; Goodman & Dupuis, 2002; Hinrichs, 2000; Holloway et al., 2007; Tregear, 2011; van Bommel & Spicer, 2011). This special issue seeks to redress this gap …

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