Dekimpe Captures EMAC Award


Marnik Dekimpe has won the 2016 EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award

Professor Marnik Dekimpe from Tilburg University and KU Leuven is the winner of the EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award 2016

This annual award is designed to be the highest honor that a marketing educator who has had extensive connections with EMAC (The European Marketing Academy) can receive. The two main criteria for the award are: (1) outstanding marketing scholarship as reflected in extensive, impactful research contributions and (2) outstanding contributions to the European Marketing Academy.

Professor Dekimpe has an outstanding publication record, with 59 articles in international marketing and management science journals, including ten in the International Journal of Research in Marketing. Of those ten articles in IJRM, six received the IJRM best paper of the year award (2014, 2006, 2002, 2001, 1997 and 1995). Among many other awards, he has won the John DC Little Best Paper Award of the INFORMS college on Marketing in 2001, the Frank M. Bass Dissertation Paper Award in 2002, as well as the Paul E. Green Best Paper Award in 2000.

Professor Dekimpe has been a pioneer in the modeling of long-term effects of marketing activities. His work is used extensively in doctoral education and has inspired a number of colleagues to apply the VAR models that he, together with Professor Dominique Hanssens, introduced to the marketing field. His in-depth studies of long-term effects in the context of retailing have brought new dimensions to our understanding of the retailing industry and to the dynamics of retailer-manufacturer relationships.

Professor Dekimpe has provided exceptional service to the EMAC community, in particular as Editor-in-Chief of IJRM (2010-2012), after serving as Associate Editor (2007-2009) and as Vice-President of Publications, a position he currently holds. He has been on the editorial board of the International Journal of Research in Marketing since 1994, which he joined only two years after obtaining his PhD from UCLA.

Given his rigorous and impactful research, his exceptional contributions to EMAC, and his service to the marketing community, Professor Dekimpe fully deserves the EMAC Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award.

He will officially be presented with the Award at the upcoming EMAC conference in Oslo (May 24-27, 2016), where he will give an invited presentation in a special session.

The Award Committee consisted of Hubert Gatignon (Chair), Gilles Laurent and Gary Lilien.

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