TOC: Service Sci


Service Science, 7(4)

Editorial Column—Metaphors of Service and the Framing of Service Science
Paul P. Maglio [Publisher]

Inventory and Shipment Policies for the Online Movie DVD Rental Industry
Kyung Sung Jung, Casey Chung, Shun-Chen Niu, and Chelliah Sriskandarajah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizational Buyers’ Acceptance of Electronic Procurement Services—An Empirical Investigation in Indian Firms
M. Ramkumar and Mamata Jenamani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparisons of Perceptions and Behavior in Ticket Queues and Physical Queues
Kaan Kuzu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Design for Improved Satisfaction: Decoding the Mechanism for Impact of Patient Callback in Emergency Healthcare
Viswanathan Krishnan, Kanetaka M. Maki, Edward M. Castillo, and David A. Guss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Workforce Management and Scheduling Under Flexible Demand
Monica C. Villarreal, David Goldsman, and Pinar Keskinocak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]