TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 110(1)

Social learning across psychological distance.
Kalkstein, David A.; Kleiman, Tali; Wakslak, Cheryl J.; Liberman, Nira; Trope, Yaacov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The taming of desire: Unspecific postponement reduces desire for and consumption of postponed temptations.
Mead, Nicole L.; Patrick, Vanessa M. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Personal standards for judging aggression by a relationship partner: How much aggression is too much?
Arriaga, Ximena B.; Capezza, Nicole M.; Daly, Christine A. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Help to perpetuate traditional gender roles: Benevolent sexism increases engagement in dependency-oriented cross-gender helping.
Shnabel, Nurit; Bar-Anan, Yoav; Kende, Anna; Bareket, Orly; Lazar, Yael [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Government instability shifts skin tone representations of and intentions to vote for political candidates.
Stern, Chadly; Balcetis, Emily; Cole, Shana; West, Tessa V.; Caruso, Eugene M. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why bother? Death, failure, and fatalistic withdrawal from life.
Hayes, Joseph; Ward, Cindy L. P.; McGregor, Ian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cynical beliefs about human nature and income: Longitudinal and cross-cultural analyses.
Stavrova, Olga; Ehlebracht, Daniel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Refining the vulnerability model of low self-esteem and depression: Disentangling the effects of genuine self-esteem and narcissism.
Orth, Ulrich; Robins, Richard W.; Meier, Laurenz L.; Conger, Rand D. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thin slices of child personality: Perceptual, situational, and behavioral contributions.
Tackett, Jennifer L.; Herzhoff, Kathrin; Kushner, Shauna C.; Rule, Nicholas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Failures to change stimulus evaluations by means of subliminal approach and avoidance training.
Van Dessel, Pieter; De Houwer, Jan; Roets, Arne; Gast, Anne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Low self-esteem prospectively predicts depression in the transition to young adulthood: A replication of Orth, Robins, and Roberts (2008).
Rieger, Sven; Göllner, Richard; Trautwein, Ulrich; Roberts, Brent W. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]