TOC: J Con Psych


Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26(1)

An exploration of flashbulb memory
Michelle L. Roehm [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The benefits of behaving badly on occasion: Successful regulation by planned hedonic deviations
Rita Coelho do Vale, Rik Pieters, Marcel Zeelenberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Asymmetric consequences of radical innovations on category representations of competing brands
Charan K. Bagga, Theodore J. Noseworthy, Niraj Dawar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of dialectical thinking on the integration of contradictory information
Yoshiko DeMotta, Mike Chen-ho Chao, Thomas Kramer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The sleeper framing effect: The influence of frame valence on immediate and retrospective judgments
Mathew S. Isaac, Morgan Poor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When one desires too much of a good thing: The compromise effect under maximizing tendencies
Wen Mao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The misforecasted spoiler effect: Underlying mechanism and boundary conditions
Dengfeng Yan, Alex S.L. Tsang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Reports

Say no more! The liability of strong ties on desire for special experiences
Miranda R. Goode, Kendra Hart, Matthew Thomson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When perfectionism leads to imperfect consumer choices: The role of dichotomous thinking
Xin He [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Review

The price does not include additional taxes, fees, and surcharges: A review of research on partitioned pricing
Eric A. Greenleaf, Eric J. Johnson, Vicki G. Morwitz, Edith Shalev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Dialogues

A research dialogue on mindsets
Joseph R. Priester, Richard E. Petty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mindsets shape consumer behavior
Mary C. Murphy, Carol S. Dweck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Potential growth areas for implicit theories research
S. Christian Wheeler, Akhtar Omair [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer mindsets and self-enhancement: Signaling versus learning
Pragya Mathur, HaeEun Helen Chun, Durairaj Maheswaran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mindsets matter: Implications for branding research and practice
Deborah Roedder John, Ji Kyung Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Growing beyond growth: Why multiple mindsets matter for consumer behavior
Derek D. Rucker, Adam D. Galinsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mindsets and consumer psychology: A response
Mary C. Murphy, Carol S. Dweck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]