TOC: Bus Horizons


Business Horizons, 59(1)

Still working
Marc J. Dollinger [Publisher]

The role of information technology systems in the performance of mergers and acquisitions
Franz T. Lohrke, Cynthia Frownfelter-Lohrke, David J. Ketchen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fraud risk management: A small business perspective
Megan F. Hess, James H. Cottrell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Referral marketing: Harnessing the power of your customers
Barry Berman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Game on: Engaging customers and employees through gamification
Karen Robson, Kirk Plangger, Jan H. Kietzmann, Ian McCarthy, Leyland Pitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Crowdfrauding: Avoiding Ponzi entrepreneurs when investing in new ventures
Melissa S. Baucus, Cheryl R. Mitteness [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moving beyond initial success: Promoting innovation in small businesses through high-performance work practices
Matthew J. Mazzei, C. Brian Flynn, Jeffrey J. Haynie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dynamics of CIO derailment: How CIOs come undone and how to avoid it
Anthony B. Gerth, Joe Peppard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The six pricing myths that kill profits
Andreas Hinterhuber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Harnessing the wisdom of crowds: Decision spaces for prediction markets
Patrick Buckley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bad behavior and conflict in retailing spaces: Nine suggestions to ease tensions
Carol L. Esmark, Stephanie M. Noble [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

After the wrongdoing: What managers should know about whistleblowing
Janet P. Near, Marcia P. Miceli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Uncovering the message from the mess of big data
Neil T. Bendle, Xin (Shane) Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]