TOC: Ann Rev Psych


Annual Review of Psychology, 67

In Pursuit of Three Theories: Authoritarianism, Relative Deprivation, and Intergroup Contact
Thomas F. Pettigrew [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Drug Addiction: Updating Actions to Habits to Compulsions Ten Years On
Barry J. Everitt and Trevor W. Robbins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Remembering Preservation in Hippocampal Amnesia
Ian A. Clark and Eleanor A. Maguire [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond Words: How Humans Communicate Through Sound
Nina Kraus and Jessica Slater [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Episodic Memory and Beyond: The Hippocampus and Neocortex in Transformation
Morris Moscovitch, Roberto Cabeza, Gordon Winocur, and Lynn Nadel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Counterfactual Thought
Ruth M.J. Byrne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychological Reasoning in Infancy
Renée Baillargeon, Rose M. Scott, and Lin Bian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Socioemotional, Personality, and Biological Development: Illustrations from a Multilevel Developmental Psychopathology Perspective on Child Maltreatment
Dante Cicchetti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Affective Neuroscience of Aging
Mara Mather [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gene × Environment Determinants of Stress- and Anxiety-Related Disorders
Sumeet Sharma, Abigail Powers, Bekh Bradley, and Kerry J. Ressler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Automaticity: Componential, Causal, and Mechanistic Explanations
Agnes Moors [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychology of Habit
Wendy Wood and Dennis Rünger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Media Effects: Theory and Research
Patti M. Valkenburg, Jochen Peter, and Joseph B. Walther [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing Norms to Change Behavior
Dale T. Miller and Deborah A. Prentice [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consistency Versus Licensing Effects of Past Moral Behavior
Elizabeth Mullen and Benoît Monin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Justice and Negotiation
Daniel Druckman and Lynn M. Wagner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stereotype Threat
Steven J. Spencer, Christine Logel, and Paul G. Davies [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward a Social Psychology of Race and Race Relations for the Twenty-First Century
Jennifer A. Richeson and Samuel R. Sommers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ara Norenzayan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Materialistic Values and Goals
Tim Kasser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond Work-Life “Integration”
Joan C. Williams, Jennifer L. Berdahl, and Joseph A. Vandello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Vocational Psychology: Agency, Equity, and Well-Being
Steven D. Brown and Robert W. Lent [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Causal Inference in Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) Research
Suzanne H. Gage, Marcus R. Munafò, and George Davey Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Brain Maps to Cognitive Ontologies: Informatics and the Search for Mental Structure
Russell A. Poldrack and Tal Yarkoni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modular Brain Networks
Olaf Sporns and Richard F. Betzel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sequential Sampling Models in Cognitive Neuroscience: Advantages, Applications, and Extensions
B.U. Forstmann, R. Ratcliff, and E.-J. Wagenmakers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evidence-Based Practice: The Psychology of EBP Implementation
Denise M. Rousseau and Brian C. Gunia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Scientific Misconduct
Charles Gross [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Council of Psychological Advisers
Cass R. Sunstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]