TOC: Psych Rev


Psychological Review, 123(1)

Holyoak, Keith J. [Publisher]

Toward a formalized account of attitudes: The Causal Attitude Network (CAN) model.
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A four-component model of age-related memory change.
Healey, M. Karl; Kahana, Michael J. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A critical examination of the evidence for sensitivity loss in modern vigilance tasks.
Thomson, David R.; Besner, Derek; Smilek, Daniel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Separating the why from the what: Reply to Jonas and Markon(2015).
Harms, P. D.; Wood, Dustin; Spain, Seth M. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A descriptivist approach to trait conceptualization and inference.
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Noisy probability judgment, the conjunction fallacy, and rationality: Comment on Costello and Watts (2014).
Crupi, Vincenzo; Tentori, Katya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Heuristics can produce surprisingly rational probability estimates: Comment on Costello and Watts (2014).
Nilsson, Håkan; Juslin, Peter; Winman, Anders [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Probability theory plus noise: Replies to Crupi and Tentori (2016) and to Nilsson, Juslin, and Winman (2016).
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