TOC: Org Behav Human Dec Processes


Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 132

A stake in the fight: When do heterosexual employees resist organizational policies that deny marriage equality to LGB peers?
Jason J. Dahling, Shaun Wiley, Zachary A. Fishman, Amber Loihle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Blind loyalty? When group loyalty makes us see evil or engage in it
John Angus D. Hildreth, Francesca Gino, Max Bazerman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social networks and employee voice: The influence of team members’ and team leaders’ social network positions on employee voice
Vijaya Venkataramani, Le Zhou, Mo Wang, Hui Liao, Junqi Shi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

I can do it, so can you: The role of leader creative self-efficacy in facilitating follower creativity
Lei Huang, Dina V. Krasikova, Dong Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]