TOC: Multivariate Behav Res


!Multivariate Behavioral Research, 50(6)

Evaluating Structural Equation Models for Categorical Outcomes: A New Test Statistic and a Practical Challenge of Interpretation
Scott Monroe & Li Cai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reciprocal Markov Modeling of Feedback Mechanisms Between Emotion and Dietary Choice Using Experience-Sampling Data
Ji Lu, Junhao Pan, Qiang Zhang, Laurette Dubé & Edward H. Ip [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constructing Confidence Intervals for Effect Size Measures of an Indirect Effect
Sunbok Lee, Man Kit Lei & Gene H. Brody [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Causal Models for Mediation Analysis: An Introduction to Structural Mean Models
Cheng Zheng, David C. Atkins, Xiao-Hua Zhou & Isaac C. Rhew [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluating the Sampling Performance of Exploratory and Cross-Validated DETECT Procedure with Imperfect Models
Cengiz Zopluoglu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reexamining Nonlinear Structural Equation Modeling Procedures: The Effect of Parallel and Congeneric Measures
Karina Rdz-Navarro & Jesús M. Alvarado [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stepwise Latent Class Models for Explaining Group-Level Outcomes Using Discrete Individual-Level Predictors
Margot Bennink, Marcel A. Croon & Jeroen K. Vermunt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the Mathematical Relationship Between Latent Change Score and Autoregressive Cross-Lagged Factor Approaches: Cautions for Inferring Causal Relationship Between Variables
Satoshi Usami, Timothy Hayes & John J. McArdle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Bayesian Approach to More Stable Estimates of Group-Level Effects in Contextual Studies
Steffen Zitzmann, Oliver Lüdtke & Alexander Robitzsch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Maintained Individual Data Distributed Likelihood Estimation (MIDDLE)
Steven M. Boker, Timothy R. Brick, Joshua N. Pritikin, Yang Wang, Timo von Oertzen, Donald Brown, John Lach, Ryne Estabrook, Michael D. Hunter, Hermine H. Maes & Michael C. Neale [Publisher] [Google Scholar]