TOC: J Behavioral Dec Making


Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 29(1)

More Eagerness, More Suffering from Search Bias: Accuracy Incentives and Need for Cognition Exacerbate the Detrimental Effects of Excessive Searching in Finding Romantic Partners Online
Chun-Chia Lee and Wen-Bin Chiou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intertemporal Similarity: Discounting as a Last Resort
Jeffrey R. Stevens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are Longshots Only for Losers? A New Look at the Last Race Effect
Craig R. M. McKenzie, Shlomi Sher, Johannes Müller-Trede, Charlette Lin, Michael J. Liersch and Anthony George Rawstron [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Goal-Priming Approach to Cognitive Consistency: Applications to Judgment
Anne-Sophie Chaxel, J. Edward Russo and Catherine Wiggins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cognitive Reflection Predicts Real-Life Decision Outcomes, but Not Over and Above Personality and Decision-Making Styles
Marie Juanchich, Chris Dewberry, Miroslav Sirota and Sunitha Narendran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sex Differences in Psychological Factors Associated with Social Discounting
Elizabeth A. Olson, Isabelle M. Rosso, Lauren A. Demers, Shreya Divatia and William D. S. Killgore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decisions from Experience: From Monetary to Medical Gambles
Tomás Lejarraga, Thorsten Pachur, Renato Frey and Ralph Hertwig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Verbalization of Decision Strategies in Multiple-Cue Probabilistic Inference
Matthew M. Walsh and Kevin A. Gluck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]