Customer Satisfaction


Vikas Mittal offers a managerial note on customer satisfaction

Dear colleagues,

We would like to share a managerial note on customer satisfaction. It summarizes how customer satisfaction is associated with managerially relevant outcomes such as repurchase behavior, sales, word-of-mouth, complaint, profitability, and finally stock-market outcomes. It also suggests guidelines for managers in implementing customer satisfaction initiatives.

Please feel free to download the note as shown below:



The note should be useful for:

– Faculty and their students in courses on marketing research, relationship marketing, CRM, customer-asset management, marketing-finance interface, and marketing strategy
– Those planning to conduct customer satisfaction research
– Please feel free to download, and share for non-commercial purposes.

Please email me your suggestions, feedback and thoughts.

Reference: Mittal, Vikas and Frennea, Carly (2010),Customer Satisfaction: A Strategic Review and Guidelines for Managers. MSI Fast Forward Series, Marketing Science Institute, Cambridge, MA, 2010.