TOC: Res Policy


Research Policy, 45(2)

The participation of new technology-based firms in EU-funded R&D partnerships: The role of venture capital
Massimo G. Colombo, Diego D’Adda, Lorenzo H. Pirelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning-by-failing. An empirical exercise on CIS data
Riccardo Leoncini [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation and firm growth: Does firm age play a role?
Alex Coad, Agustí Segarra, Mercedes Teruel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards understanding variety in knowledge intensive business services by distinguishing their knowledge bases
Katia Pina, Bruce S. Tether [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Connecting demand and supply: The role of intermediation in public procurement of innovation
Jakob Edler, Jillian Yeow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patterns of innovation and organizational demography in emerging sustainable fields: An analysis of the chemical sector
Marianna Epicoco [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of R&D subsidies on firm innovation
Raffaello Bronzini, Paolo Piselli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Debt and communications technology diffusion: Retrospective evidence
Sumit K. Majumdar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constraining entrepreneurial development: A knowledge-based view of social networks among academic entrepreneurs
Christopher S. Hayter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reverse international knowledge transfer in the MNE: (Where) does affiliate performance boost parent performance?
Nigel Driffield, James H. Love, Yong Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identifying valuable users as informants for innovation processes: Comparing the search efficiency of pyramiding and screening
Christoph S. Stockstrom, René Chester Goduscheit, Christian Lüthje, Jacob Høj Jørgensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of diversification profiles and dyadic characteristics in the formation of technological alliances: Differences between exploitation and exploration in a low-tech industry
Sorin M.S. Krammer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patenting rationales of academic entrepreneurs in weak and strong organizational regimes
Sascha G. Walter, Arne Schmidt, Achim Walter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Meso-level factors in technological transitions: The development of TD-SCDMA in China
Marina Yue Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Agency models in different stages of CEO tenure: The effects of stock options and board independence on R&D investment
Fabio Zona [Publisher] [Google Scholar]