TOC: American Econ Rev


American Economic Review, 106(1)

Betting on Secession: Quantifying Political Events Surrounding Slavery and the Civil War
Charles W. Calomiris and Jonathan Pritchett

Generalized Social Marginal Welfare Weights for Optimal Tax Theory
Emmanuel Saez and Stefanie Stantcheva

Networks and Misallocation: Insurance, Migration, and the Rural-Urban Wage Gap
Kaivan Munshi and Mark Rosenzweig

The Market Impacts of Pharmaceutical Product Patents in Developing Countries: Evidence from India
Mark Duggan, Craig Garthwaite and Aparajita Goyal

Patents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs
Iain M. Cockburn, Jean O. Lanjouw and Mark Schankerman

Are Sticky Prices Costly? Evidence from the Stock Market
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Michael Weber

Real Rigidity, Nominal Rigidity, and the Social Value of Information
George-Marios Angeletos, Luigi Iovino and Jennifer La’O