TOC: Mobile Commerce


Mobile Commerce: How It Contrasts, Challenges, and Enhances Electronic Commerce, Book by Esther Swilley

A book by Esther Swilley

Published by Business Expert Press, New York. ISBN: 9781606498446

CHAPTER 1: What is Digital Commerce?

CHAPTER 2: Contrasting E-Commerce and M-Commerce: Why a Digital Commerce Strategy Matters?

CHAPTER 3: What Connects the Target?

CHAPTER 4: Touchpoints: Where is the Elusive Digital Consumer?

CHAPTER 5: Challenges to Digital Commerce: Improving the Digital Shopping Experience

CHAPTER 6: Enhancing Digital Commerce

Publishing House: Business Expert Press, New York
Print ISBN: 9781606498446
E-book ISBN: 9781606498453
Author: Esther Swilley
Release Date: November, 2015