TOC: Mar Ed Rev


Marketing Education Review, 26(1)


Practicing What We Teach: Ten Years of Teaching Innovations
Sara Liao-Troth & Stephanie P. Thomas [Publisher]

Developing the Perfect Pitch: Creating a Positive First Impression Through Social Media
Dawn Edmiston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Show, Don’t Tell: Using Photographic “Snapsignments” to Advance and Assess Creative Problem Solving
Jane E. Machin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Wrap-Attack Pack: Product Packaging Exercise
Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee & K. Douglas Hoffman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improving Student Job Placement and Assessment Through the Use of Digital Marketing Certification Programs
Mark G. Staton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improving Marketing Students’ Writing Skills using A One-Page Paper
Newell D. Wright & Val Larsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Impact “Buycotts”: A Tool for Innovation, Impact, and Engagement to Teach Integrated Marketing Communications
Jonna Holland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Sales Representative Is Made: An Innovative Sales Course
Michael A. Levin & Lori T. Peterson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Innovative, Experiential-Learning Project for Sales Management and Professional Selling Students
Joseph Chapman, Stacey Schetzsle & Russell Wahlers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experiences with Flipping the Marketing Capstone Course
Carol Scovotti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation Through Collaborative Course Development: Theory and Practice
K. Damon Aiken, Timothy C. Heinze, Matthew L. Meuter & Kenneth J. Chapman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]