TOC: J Ops Man


Journal of Operations Management, 39/40

System dynamics perspectives and modeling opportunities for research in operations management
John Sterman, Rogelio Oliva, Kevin Linderman, Elliot Bendoly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“I’m not hoarding, I’m just stocking up before the hoarders get here.”: Behavioral causes of phantom ordering in supply chains
John D. Sterman, Gokhan Dogan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How analytic reasoning style and global thinking relate to understanding stocks and flows
Justin M. Weinhardt, Rosa Hendijani, Jason L. Harman, Piers Steel, Cleotilde Gonzalez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cost-sharing in directed networks: Experimental study of equilibrium choice and system dynamics
Caiyun Liu, Vincent Mak, Amnon Rapoport [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inter-phase feedbacks in construction projects
Kiavash Parvan, Hazhir Rahmandad, Ali Haghani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inventory record inaccuracy: Causes and labor effects
Howard Hao-Chun Chuang, Rogelio Oliva [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The problem with workarounds is that they work: The persistence of resource shortages
Bradley Morrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]