TOC: Intl J Tourism Anthro


International Journal of Tourism Anthropology, 4(1)

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Introduction: The tourist gaze 4.0: uncovering non-conscious meanings and motivations in the stories tourists tell of trip and destination experiences
Arch G. Woodside; Drew Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Power in tourism research: the tourist gaze as metonym
Bonnie Farber Canziani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sacrilisation of secular pilgrimages as archetypal transformational journeys: advancing theory through emic and etic interpretations
Stephen Lloyd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Etic interpreting of emic reports of tourism behaviour: cross-cultural introspections of Hawaii
Drew Martin; Ajay Aluri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer storytelling of brand archetypal enactments
Karlan M. Muniz; Arch G. Woodside; Suresh Sood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using the lens of Flickr to decode emic meanings about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on a tourism destination: the Jersey Shore
Lori Pennington-Gray; Svetlana Stepchenkova; Ashley Schroeder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]