TOC: Service Bus


Service Business, 9(4)

Mediating relationships in and satisfaction with online technologies: communications or features beyond expectations?
Cayetano Medina, Ramón Rufín & Manuel Rey

Business–nonprofit partnerships: a new form of collaboration in a corporate responsibility and social innovation context
María José Sanzo, Luis I. Álvarez, Marta Rey & Nuria García

Are firms interested in collaborating with universities? An open-innovation perspective in countries of the South West European Space
Sara Fernández López, Braulio Pérez Astray, David Rodeiro Pazos & Nuria Calvo

CRM and RQ as key factors in retail setting services in an economic crisis context. The case of travel agencies
Mª. Ángeles Oviedo-García, Manuela Vega-Vázquez & Mario Castellanos-Verdugo

From clinical governance through CSR and knowledge sharing to clinical error control
Luu Trong Tuan

How does the interview change the importance of résumé information in acceptance decisions? An experimental study in the hotel industry
Che-Jen Su, Nicolas G. A. Lorgnier, Jin-Hsing Yang & Seung Hee Oh

National institutions and logistic performance: a path analysis
Sang-Heui Lee & Jay van Wyk

Developing Gamcheon Cultural Village as a tourist destination through co-creation
Soon-Goo Hong & Hyun-Mi Lee

Negotiating behavior in service outsourcing. An exploratory case study analysis
M. Carmen Saorín-Iborra, Ana Redondo-Cano, Lorenzo Revuelto-Taboada & Éric Vogler