TOC: Mar Letters


Marketing Letters, 26(4)

The impact of online word-of-mouth on television show viewership: An inverted U-shaped temporal dynamic
Romain Cadario

The effect of individual professional critics on books’ sales: capturing selection biases from observable and unobservable factors
Marco Caliendo, Michel Clement & Edlira Shehu

Choice set induced conflict, deliberation, and persistent preference
A. V. Muthukrishnan & Robin Chark

Feedback weakens the attraction effect in repeated choices
Sowon Ahn, Juyoung Kim & Young-Won Ha

Are look-alikes confusing? The application of the DRM paradigm to test consumer confusion in counterfeit cases
Andrzej Falkowski, Justyna Olszewska & Joanna Ulatowska

The double benefits of consumer certainty: combining risk and range effects
Erik Maier, Robert Wilken & Florian Dost

Consumer satisfaction versus churn in the case of upgrades of 3G to 4G cell networks
Steven D’Alessandro, Lester Johnson, David Gray & Leanne Carter

I will risk a stranger’s money, but not my own or my friend’s money: Effect of proximity of the money source to the self on financial risk-taking
Rebecca K. Trump, Stacey R. Finkelstein & Paul M. Connell

Does advertising exposure prior to customer satisfaction survey enhance customer satisfaction ratings?
Eun Young Lee & Chan Su Park

What’s in a name? Examining the effect of phonetic fit between spokesperson name and product attributes on source credibility
Stacey Baxter, Jasmina Ilicic & Alicia Kulczynski

Measuring willingness to pay: do direct methods work for premium durables?
Michael Löffler

Sounds good: Phonetic sound patterns in top brand names
Ruth Pogacar, Emily Plant, Laura Felton Rosulek & Michal Kouril

Playing with fire: aggravating and buffering effects of ex ante CSR communication campaigns for companies facing allegations of social irresponsibility
Joëlle Vanhamme, Valérie Swaen, Guido Berens & Catherine Janssen

Implications of minimum contract durations on customer retention
Jan U. Becker, Martin Spann & Timo Schulze

The role of visual art in enhancing perceived prestige of luxury brands
Hsiao-Ching Lee, Wei-Wei Chen & Chih-Wei Wang

Seemingly incidental anchoring: the effect of incidental environmental anchors on consumers’ willingness to pay
Kivilcim Dogerlioglu-Demir & Cenk Koças

The multiple roles of fit between brand alliance partners in alliance attitude formation
Bendik Meling Samuelsen, Lars Erling Olsen & Kevin Lane Keller

The impact of consumer avatars in Internet retailing on self-congruity with brands
Alexandra Aguirre-Rodriguez, Adriana M. Bóveda-Lambie & Paul W. Miniard

How collinearity affects mixture regression results
Jan-Michael Becker, Christian M. Ringle, Marko Sarstedt & Franziska Völckner

It’s all relative: how customer-perceived competitive advantage influences referral intentions
Martin Mende, Scott A. Thompson & Christian Coenen

Network externalities in online video games: an empirical analysis utilizing online product ratings
Yong Liu, Enping Shirley Mai & Jun Yang

Is it fun or exercise? The framing of physical activity biases subsequent snacking
Carolina O. C. Werle, Brian Wansink & Collin R. Payne

Exploring the relationship between corporate social responsibility and firm innovation
Xueming Luo & Shuili Du

Drink coca-cola, eat popcorn, and choose powerade: testing the limits of subliminal persuasion
Laura Smarandescu & Terence A. Shimp