TOC: J Interactive Adv


Journal of Interactive Advertising, 15(2)

From the Editor
Terry Daugherty [Publisher]

From Clicks to Behaviors: The Mediating Effect of Intentions to Like, Share, and Comment on the Relationship Between Message Evaluations and Offline Behavioral Intentions
Saleem Alhabash, Anna R. McAlister, Chen Lou & Amy Hagerstrom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Would You Be My Friend? An Examination of Global Marketers’ Brand Personification Strategies in Social Media
Kuan-Ju Chen, Jhih-Syuan Lin, Jung Hwa Choi & Jung Min Hahm [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mobile Location-Based Advertising: How Information Privacy Concerns Influence Consumers’ Attitude and Acceptance
Nina Limpf & Hilde A.M. Voorveld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is this for me? How Consumers Respond to Personalized Advertising on Social Network Sites
Freya De Keyzer, Nathalie Dens & Patrick De Pelsmacker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand Spokes-Characters as Twitter Marketing Tools
Lance Kinney & Jennifer Ireland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of eWOM Message Characteristics on the Perceived Effectiveness of Online Consumer Reviews
Sai Wang, Nicole R. Cunningham & Matthew S. Eastin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]