TOC: J Con Cult


Journal of Consumer Culture, 15(3)

Medicinal commodities and the gift of a caring mother
Darrin Hodgetts, Brooke Hayward, and Ottilie Stolte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultivating hope
Mariam Beruchashvili, Risto Moisio, and James W. Gentry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comfort, identity and fashion in the post-socialist city: Materialities, assemblages and context
Mark Jayne and Slavom?ra Feren?uhov? [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Playing Nintendogs: Desire, distributed agency and potentials of prosumption
Minna Ruckenstein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fetal sex determination and gendered prenatal consumption
Medora W Barnes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Catalogue communities: Work and consumption in the UK catalogue industry
Emma Casey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Automating prosumption: The decline of the prosumer and the rise of the prosuming machines
George Ritzer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Christine Yano, Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty’s Trek across the Pacific
Hang Kei Ho [Publisher]

Kaori O’Connor, Lycra – How a Fiber Shaped America
Andrew Barnfield [Publisher]

Gillian Rose and Divya P Tolia-Kelly (eds), Visuality/Materiality: Images, Objects and Practices
Kimberley Peters [Publisher]