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Journal of Macromarketing, 35(4)

Use of Brand Community Markers to Engage Existing Lifestyle Consumption Communities and Some Ethical Concerns
Ross Gordon, Sandra Jones, Lance Barrie, and Heidi Gilchrist [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating the Cautious Consumer: Marketing Managerialism and Bio-power in Health Consumption
Carl Yngfalk and Anna Fyrberg Yngfalk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structural Change in Peripheral European Markets: Spanish Grocery Retailing, 1950-2007
J. Carles Maix?-Alt?s and Rafael Castro Balaguer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experiential Learning Projects: A Pedagogical Path to Macromarketing Education
Scott K. Radford, David M. Hunt, and Deborah Andrus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Nationalism Goes to the Market: The Case of Chinese Patriotic Songs
Zhihong Gao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]