TOC: J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 24(7)

Understanding brand loyalty of the store brand’s customer base
Natalia Rubio, Javier Oubiña and Mónica Gómez-Suárez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Success factors of new health-care services
Kostis Indounas and Aggeliki Arvaniti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents of brand love in online network-based communities. A social identity perspective
Maria Vernuccio, Margherita Pagani, Camilla Barbarossa and Alberto Pastore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of word-of-mouth incentivization on consumer brand attitude
Chompunuch Pongjit and Rian Beise-Zee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How exposure to logos and logo varieties fosters brand prominence and freshness
Maria Sääksjärvi, Ellis van den Hende, Ruth Mugge and Nicolien van Peursem [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cognitive and emotional processing of brand logo changes
Mark Peterson, Saleh AlShebil and Melissa Bishop [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Volunteering as a mechanism to reduce guilt over purchasing luxury items
Hyo-Jin Jeong and Dong-Mo Koo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Peak-end pizza: prices delay evaluations of quality
David R Just, Ozge Sigirci and Brian Wansink [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Francisco Guzman and Cleopatra Veloutsou [Publisher]