TOC: J Direct Data Digital Mar Prac


Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, 17(2)

Excuse the interruption: How marketing still gets attention
David Reed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Managing customer insight creatively through storytelling
Merlin Stone, Liz Machtynger and Jon Machtynger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What is marketing automation?
Anthony Bagshaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What should UK and US marketers do to prepare for the biggest threat to business continuity for a decade?
Ardi Kolah, Bryan Foss and Martin Hickley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Customer acquisition barometer 2015
Thomas Ridley-Siegert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


The art of mistiming: How interruptions make mobile coupon campaigns effective
Syagnik (Sy) Banerjee and Rishika Rishika [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mobile app-etite: Consumer attitudes towards and use of mobile technology in the context of eating behaviour
Allison E Doub, Aron Levin, Charles Edward Heath and Kristie LeVangie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social media marketing evaluation using social network comments as an indicator for identifying consumer purchasing decision effectiveness
Supond Boon-Long and Winai Wongsurawat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]