TOC: J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 46(9)

Special Issue: What Is Culture and How Do We Measure It?

Guest Editors: Timothy M Devinney, Bradley L Kirkman, Dan V Caprar and Paula Caligiuri


Conceptualizing and measuring culture in international business and management: From challenges to potential solutions
Dan V Caprar, Timothy M Devinney, Bradley L Kirkman and Paula Caligiuri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Values, schemas, and norms in the culture-behavior nexus: A situated dynamics framework
Kwok Leung and Michael W Morris [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mindscapes across landscapes: Archetypes of transnational and subnational culture
Sunil Venaik and David F Midgley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of ethno-linguistic fractionalization on cultural measures: Dynamics, endogeneity and modernization
John M Luiz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural intelligence: A theory-based, short form measure
David C Thomas, Yuan Liao, Zeynep Aycan, Jean-Luc Cerdin, Andre A Pekerti, Elizabeth C Ravlin, Gunter K Stahl, Mila B Lazarova, Henry Fock, Denni Arli, Miriam Moeller, Tyler G Okimoto and Fons van de Vijver [Publisher] [Google Scholar]