TOC: J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(6)

Social media: A contextual framework to guide research and practice.
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What happens before? A field experiment exploring how pay and representation differentially shape bias on the pathway into organizations.
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Explaining the black–white gap in cognitive test scores: Toward a theory of adverse impact.
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Till stress do us part: On the interplay between perceived stress and communication network dynamics.
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Mental skills training with basic combat training soldiers: A group-randomized trial.
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Who gets credit for input? Demographic and structural status cues in voice recognition.
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Protecting the turf: The effect of territorial marking on others’ creativity.
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Understanding cycles of abuse: A multimotive approach.
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Outperforming whom? A multilevel study of performance-prove goal orientation, performance, and the moderating role of shared team identification.
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Structural interdependence in teams: An integrative framework and meta-analysis.
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Weep and get more: When and why sadness expression is effective in negotiations.
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An item analysis of the Conditional Reasoning Test of Aggression.
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Negative core affect and employee silence: How differences in activation, cognitive rumination, and problem-solving demands matter.
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Organizational safety climate and supervisor safety enforcement: Multilevel explorations of the causes of accident underreporting.
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Line manager implementation perceptions as a mediator of relations between high-performance work practices and employee outcomes.
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