TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 18(4)

Self-control, commitment and peer pressure: a laboratory experiment
Aurélie Bonein & Laurent Denant-Boèmont

Eliciting beliefs in continuous-choice games: a double auction experiment
Claudia Neri

A survey of experimental research on contests, all-pay auctions and tournaments
Emmanuel Dechenaux, Dan Kovenock & Roman M. Sheremeta

Balancing the current account: experimental evidence on underconsumption
Marcus Giamattei & Johann Graf Lambsdorff

Institution design and public good provision: an experimental study of the vote of confidence procedure
Chloe Tergiman

Can you spare some change for charity? Experimental evidence on verbal cues and loose change effects in a Dictator Game
David Fielding & Stephen Knowles

Propose with a rose? Signaling in internet dating markets
Soohyung Lee & Muriel Niederle

Erratum to: Multi-period experimental asset markets with distinct fundamental value regimes
Thomas Stöckl, Jürgen Huber & Michael Kirchler

Erratum to: Incentives for creativity
Sanjiv Erat & Uri Gneezy

Erratum to: Quantal response equilibria for extensive form games
Richard D. McKelvey & Thomas R. Palfrey