TOC: Soc Mar Quart


!Social Marketing Quarterly, 21(4)

The Importance of Social Marketing History
Jeff French [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regional Histories

The Canadian Social Marketing Story
François Lagarde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Case-Based Article

A Case Study for Redesigning Tobacco Cessation Services: Gaining Critical Insights From Current and Former Smokers
Marietta Dreher, Barbara A. Schillo, Molly Hull, Valerie Esqueda, and Andrea Mowery [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Review Articles

Social Marketing Physical Activity Interventions Among Adults 60 Years and Older: A Systematic Review
Haruka Fujihira, Krzysztof Kubacki, Rimante Ronto, Bo Pang, and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding ?Place? in Social Marketing: A Systematic Review
Timothy Edgar, Marian Huhman, and Gregory A. Miller [Publisher] [Google Scholar] Tools From the Field

Social Marketing and Policy Making: Tools for Community-Based Policy Advocacy
Brian J. Biroscak, Mahmooda Khaliq, Steven Truong, Robert J. McDermott, James Lindenberger, Tali Schneider, Alyssa B. Mayer, Anthony D. Panzera, Anita H. Courtney, Dinorah Martinez Tyson, Claudia X. Aguado Loi, and Carol A. Bryant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]