TOC: J Mar Behavior


Journal of Marketing Behavior, 1(2)

From the Editor: Rational Choice as the Foundation of Behavioral Research in Marketing
Klaus Wertenbroch [Publisher]

What does it mean to be a Rational Decision Maker?
Barry Schwartz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Meta-Rationality in Cognitive Science
Keith E. Stanovich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Robust Satisficing via Regret Minimization
Marcel Zeelenberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In Defense of (Traditional) Normative Standard
Shane Frederick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What is Rationality?
Barry Schwartz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not a Problem: A Downside of Humorous Appeals
A. Peter McGraw, Julie L. Schiro and Philip M. Fernbach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]