TOC: J Poli Mar


Journal of Political Marketing, 14(4)

Field Experimentation and Voter Mobilization: Innovations and Advances
Costas Panagopoulos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pushing Too Hard: Using Door-in-the-Face to Get Voters out the Door
Deborah Brown McCabe & Melissa R. Michelson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘You’ve Gone Too Far’: Social Pressure Mobilization, Reactance, and Individual Differences
Gregg R. Murray & Richard E. Matland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Voter Mobilization Meets eGovernment: Turnout and Voting by Mail From Online or Paper Ballot Request
Christopher B. Mann & Genevieve Mayhew [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Reports Depress Rather Than Inspire: A Field Experiment Using Age Cohorts as Reference Groups
Lauren Deschamps Keane & David W. Nickerson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Billboards and Turnout: A Randomized Field Experiment
Costas Panagopoulos & Shang E. Ha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]