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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign seeks nominations for the AMA Paul D. Converse Award; Deadline 15 Nov 2015

Nomination for 19th Paul D. Converse Award

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign calls for nominations for 19th Paul D. Converse Award. Converse Award was established by the American Marketing Association on December 29, 1946 to honor those who have contributed significantly to the theory of marketing and toward the advancement of science in marketing. Fortune Magazine reported the recipients of these awards constitute the “Marketing Hall of Fame”.

The criteria for consideration for a Converse Award include two limitations. No contribution is considered eligible until five years after it is generally available to marketing academics or students, by publication or otherwise. The five-year time frame allows for perspective (Converse 1945) and ensures that the award honors contributions that are seen as enduring over time (Griffin and Hess 2001). Additionally, Converse held a strong belief that unpublished or confidential reports are of no scientific value until released to other students (Converse 1945). A final restriction on the award is that winners may not currently be members of the University of Illinois faculty or staff.

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The nomination deadline is November 15th, 2015. Please send (1) the nominee’s name, (2) the title and reference of the contribution (or body or work), and (3) the nominee’s key contribution to the discipline of marketing to:

Prof. Yunchuan (Frank) Liu, Email: