Identity and Norms


Tito Grillo seeks file drawer and other studies on social identity, subjective norms, and group norms

My name is Tito Luciano Hermes Grillo, currently a doctoral sutdent at UFRGS (Brazil). I am collaborating in a research project with researchers from PUC (RS-Brazil) that involves meta-analyses with effects of the following constructs:

  1. social identity,
  2. subjective norm, and
  3. group norm

Our focus is on contexts that can be clearly described as consumption contexts, which means that studies where subjects can be described as workers and the DV is related to their job environment or where subjects are better described as students and the DV is related to academic outcomes.

So, if you are carrying out a study on consumer behavior and you are assessing the effect of at least one of these constructs or has a study on review/press stage, we would appreciate it very much if you could send us results that will be reported so we can include in our meta-analyses. The best way to contact us is at

Thank you so much for your attention.