TOC: J Financial Services Mar


Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 20(4)

Financial services marketing research: Retrospect and prospect
Harrison, Tina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trust in financial services: Retrospect and prospect
Devlin, James F; Ennew, Christine T; Sekhon, Harjit S; Roy, Sanjit K [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cognitive catalysts for distrust in financial services markets: An integrative review
Estelami, Hooman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online banking adoption: We should know better 20 years on
Waite, Kathryn; Harrison, Tina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology and financial services: Marketing in times of U-commerce
Morrison, Stacey; Pitt, Leyland; Kietzmann, Jan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

General insurance marketing: A review and future research agenda
Robson, Julie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]