TOC: Acad Man J


Academy of Management Journal, 58(5)

Status and Corporate Illegality: Illegal Loan Recovery Practices of Commercial Banks in India
Rekha Krishnan and Rajiv Krishnan Kozhikode [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Folding Under Pressure or Rising to the Occasion? Perceived Time Pressure and the Moderating Role of Team Temporal Leadership
Likoebe M. Maruping, Viswanath Venkatesh, Sherry M. B. Thatcher, and Pankaj C. Patel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exposed: Venture Capital, Competitor Ties, and Entrepreneurial Innovation
Emily Cox Pahnke, Rory McDonald, Dan Wang, and Benjamin Hallen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

All Aspirations are not Created Equal: The Differential Effects of Historical and Social Aspirations on Acquisition Behavior
Ji-Yub (Jay) Kim, Sydney Finkelstein, and Jerayr (John) Haleblian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Passing Probation: Earnings Management by Interim CEOs and Its Effect on Their Promotion Prospects
Guoli Chen, Shuqing Luo, Yi Tang, and Jamie Y. Tong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Sleepy’: Leaders’ Sleep, Daily Abusive Supervision, and Work Unit Engagement
Christopher M. Barnes, Lorenzo Lucianetti, Devasheesh P. Bhave, and Michael S. Christian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge Inheritance in Global Industries: The Impact of Parent Firm Knowledge on the Performance of Foreign Subsidiaries
Heather Berry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From the Editors

Gender Research in AMJ: AN Overview of Five Decades of Empirical Research and Calls to Action: Thematic Issue on Gender in Management Research
Aparna Joshi, Brett Neely, Cynthia Emrich, Dorothy Griffiths, and Gerard George [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thematic Issue on Gender in Management Research

Leadership Over-Emergence in Self-Managing Teams: The Role of Gender and Countervailing Biases
Klodiana Lanaj and John R. Hollenbeck [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cracking but not Breaking: Joint Effects of Faultline Strength and Diversity Climate on Loyal Behavior
Yunhyung Chung, Hui Liao, Susan E. Jackson, Mahesh Subramony, Saba Colakoglu, and Yuan Jiang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Can Women Close the Gap? A Meta-Analytic Test of Sex Differences in Performance and Rewards
Aparna Joshi, Jooyeon Son, and Hyuntak Roh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Women on Boards and Firm Financial Performance: A Meta-Analysis
Corinne Post and Kris Byron [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Gender Diversity and Securities Fraud
Douglas Cumming, T. Y. Leung, and Oliver Rui [Publisher] [Google Scholar]